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Cate Wilson

I am proud to be Edie’s mum and set up Edie’s Butterfly Appeal following her first recurrence with ependymoma brain cancer in July 2014.

At the time, there was no established charity in the UK to fund medical research into this devastating disease, of which so little is known and no definitive cure exists. I realised that our only hope – and the hope of future families like ours – was to bring about change.

Edie’s spirit and courage since her diagnosis in November 2011, and two further recurrences of the disease, has made me determined to improve the knowledge and treatment of ependymoma and to give hope to others that a cure will one day be found.

Before becoming a fulltime mum to Edie, and her older brother Jacob, I was a regional and national tabloid journalist working across a variety of titles. I hope some of the skills I learned in the busy world of the media can be put to good use in raising both awareness and funds for ependymoma research. Together with our friends and supporters, I know we can do it.

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Cath Thompson

My daughter is in Edie’s class and I have been a friend of Cate’s since Edie joined the school at the age of 6. I am delighted to be able to help Cate in the development of this important charity. Edie’s fight against this terrible disease has touched the hearts of all the people that know her, and I feel very honoured to be helping Cate make a difference to the future outcome of children like Edie.

Prior to becoming a mother of 2, I worked in London for 15 years for a large commercial law firm as an IT project and programme manager. I hope that my background will prove useful as we establish our cause.

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Nina Wood

Cate and I became friends as our children attended the same school. Setting up the charity together has given us something to focus on whilst Edie fights this battle and allows us to do something worthwhile for the ependymoma community.

It is my absolute pleasure to be involved in setting up and running this charity for Edie and all other children suffering from this harrowing disease.

My working life was spent as a public relations events organiser for a major pharmaceutical company and I’m so glad that my skills can be put to good use for the advancement of our appeal.

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Sarah Porter

I have been friends with Cate and her family since our children attended nursery together. I am pleased to be able to help with the financial administration of the appeal. When I’m not sat in front of the accounts, I am a fulltime mum to my two boys and enjoy taking part in charity fun runs and half marathons. I am also a member of Scouts and help run a Beaver group and process their annual accounts. Before having a family I worked in management accounts and later as a fulltime childminder.


If you would like to join our central events team or set up your own event on our behalf please email or go to Ways To Donate section to find out how to get involved.

Volunteer Event Organisers

Many friends have already stepped forward and offered to help arrange events on behalf of Edie’s Butterfly Appeal. We are hugely grateful for all their efforts.

  • Mandy Ridgewell – Danceathon
  • Tabitha Nichols – Quiz Night
  • Emma Parr – Charity Ball